Wrapping up

Apart from the odd bit of maintenance, I’m no longer taking on new work or clients. Handing in my contractor / business owner / taking-Friday-off-to-ride-motorbikes hats to go work for ‘the man’ was a somewhat daunting prospect, but couldn’t have worked out better. I’m finding I quite enjoy the interaction with people who don’t want to sit on my keyboard and meow at me until they get fed.

Kiandra are far from ‘the man’, they are very good at what they do, professional, fun and thorough in everything they undertake. In house we have the expertise to cover a wide range of disciplines so I’m going to shamelessly take this opportunity to recommend that anyone who is looking for a development or infrastructure supplier give me a call at Kiandra. A complete list of services and contact details can be found on their website: kiandra.com.au.